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Document translation services prices

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A quick guide on document translation services prices

Due to our use of innovative technology in all steps of the document translation service, we are able to provide you with the most competitive prices in the translation industry, without compromising quality, at all times.

Determining the price, or cost, of a document translation service is not simple. There are several variables to consider, and that's why most translation agencies will not show how much they charge straight-away. Unfortunately, a case-by-case analysis needs to be made on each document before quoting the client and sending the translation prices.

Take into consideration a Russian to English translation of a document, for example, a contract, that's filled with technical terminology of the Energy & Gas industry.

In most cases, the main variable to determine the prices of a document translation service is the number of words to be translated. However, we also need to take into consideration the complexity of the subject field, in this case, Energy & Gas, and how exotic is the language pair. Not all languages are the same, and the availability of high-quality translators in a not so common language pair influences the translation service price (as a side note, check the average prices for translation services in the US, here, which surprisingly, are more than double of our average translation rates).

Lastly, it's important to know the turnaround time, or the time needed to complete the translation. This last variable influences heavily in the price of the translation service, as rush or urgent document translations take priority and resources from normal orders.

Translation prices, what's included in the service?

You might wonder, when I'm paying a fee to a translation agency, what do I get? Document translation is much more than just the pure translation, and includes other services that add value to the translation service, like:

  • Terminology analysis
  • Translation Memory analysis
  • Desktop Publishing, which means adjusting the layout of your translated document to match the layout of the source document
  • Quality control

This and other added-value services is what you receive when you work with a trusted translation company like Language Buró.

We will be happy to send you a free quote with detailed prices for the translation of your documents. Our PMs will reply you within one business hour with an offer. Just send us an email to, or call us at +44 20-3322-9529.

Our service in a nutshell.

We offer you a unique proposal that outperforms traditional translation agencies. Discover why we are the trusted partner of more than 500 global organizations.

  • Translation made only by skilled professional linguists
  • Quick turnaround without compromising quality
  • Simple price per word structure without hidden costs
  • Secure handling of your files to keep utmost privacy
  • Delivery on or before the agreed date, guaranteed
  • A Project Manager at every stage of the translation process

Three great reasons to choose us.


Quality fully guaranteed

We offer you unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.


Delivery on time

In the last year, we delivered more than 98% orders on time.


Competitive pricing

Save up to 30% compared to traditional translation agencies.

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Trusted by leading international organizations.

  • Gas Natural Fenosa

    “We are very sat­is­fied with Lan­guage Buró’s ser­vices for their reac­tiv­ity, fast deliv­ery, proac­tiv­ity and qual­ity of ser­vice.”

    —Inés Segretón, Gas Natural Fenosa
  • Missing Children Europe
  • Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • A1 Telekom Austria
  • CropLife International

    "Lan­guage Buró is reli­able, quick and afford­able, while pro­vid­ing an excel­lent ser­vice."

    —Rolando Zamora, CropLife International
  • Ebury
  • River Path Associates
  • TAG Aviation Europe

    "We are very sat­is­fied with Lan­guage Buró’s ser­vices for their reac­tiv­ity, fast deliv­ery, proac­tiv­ity and qual­ity of ser­vice."

    —Nicole Rauber, TAG Aviation Europe
  • Avobis Group
  • Manchester University
  • The Aga Khan University

    “We have worked with Lan­guage Buró on com­plex, aca­d­e­mic texts which are always deliv­ered promptly and effi­ciently.”

    —Charlotte Whiting, The Aga Khan University
  • Geoquip Marine

    "(…) and the very demand­ing client awarded us, non native speak­ers, the job. An excel­lent result which we wouldn’t have achieved with­out Lan­guage Buró."

    —Hans Hanse, Geoquip Marine
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Galactic

    “We’ve been work­ing with Lan­guage Buró for a while and can say that there have never been any delays in terms of translation deliv­ery (…)”

    —Dana Ursati, Galactic
  • Carbon Market Watch

    “We were greatly impres­sive with the qual­ity and time­li­ness of Lan­guage Buró’s trans­la­tions on such tech­ni­cal mate­r­ial.”

    —Andrew Coiley, Carbon Market Watch
  • Fructo

    “We were always very happy with the qual­ity of the trans­lations and the extremely short time of deliv­ery Lan­guage Buró has.”

    —Claudia Lauener, Fructo
  • Colin & Cie
  • The Nordic Africa Institute

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