Everything You Should Know About Patent Translation

With the global industry on the rise, it's no wonder you're thinking of expanding your business abroad too. When competing in the worldwide market, innovation is vital, and all big companies know this. That's why patent protection is so important - it helps you prevent product idea theft and gives your company a competitive edge.

According to WIPO, patents are territorial rights, which means the exclusive rights are only applicable in the country in which a patent was granted. What does this mean for your business? If you want to secure patent protection in foreign markets, you need to plan out your filing process and have your patent documents translated.

In this article, we're going to explore the unique field of patent translation and help you obtain IP protection for your invention.

Here's everything you should know about patent translation.

What is Patent Translation?

Patent translation is the translation of patent documentation into another language. Patent documentation typically involves patent specifications, office actions, lawyers correspondence, and anything else required during the patent application and filing process. Patent documents have a unique style of writing, which demands a highly skilled and experienced translator.

Patent translation is one of the most demanding fields of translation. It requires high language pair competence, deep knowledge of technical terms, and an in-depth understanding of legal terminology.

The patent translator should be able to translate legal documents accurately and precisely. Depending on the invention being patented, the translator needs to have industry-specific knowledge and understanding. Native-speaking translators with proven experience in the field are the best way to ensure accurate results.

When Do You Need Patent Translation Services?

Every country has its patent system. If you want to obtain exclusive rights in a foreign country, you will have to file them in that specific country. Naturally, your patent specification and other related documents should be in the target country's language, which is why you need patent translation services.

In some cases, you don't need to translate to more languages. For example, suppose your patent documents are in English. In that case, you can file for patent protection in countries where English is the filing language (such as Canada, the United States, or India). This strategy could help you reduce costs while still having patented rights in several countries around the world.

On the downside, your product won't be protected in other big countries like China, Russia, or Latin America. That's why you should plan your patent application process.
Another money-saving strategy to try is to use one translation for multiple countries at once; this means you could have your documents translated into Arabic and cover the GULF regional bloc with one translation.

Combining this strategy with other major languages like English and Spanish could help you receive significant worldwide patent protection, giving your business a substantial competitive advantage.

Filing vs. Information Translations

In general, there are two types of patent translation: patent translation for filing and for information. It might be hard to differentiate these two at first, but it's essential to make the distinction to choose the right translation service.

The main differences between filing and information translation are their audience and purpose.

As the name suggests, a patent translated for filing will serve as your official record in the patent application process. Their target audience consists of legal professionals, patent officials, and patent licensees, whose job is to examine your application. These documents should be translated clearly and concisely, with the least technical jargon as possible, while still conveying the meaning of the invention.

Patent translation for information is typically used as legal evidence in court proceedings for patents that have already been filed. Usually, this type of translation is used to learn the contents of already filed patents, and it should be as close to the original as possible.

Both types may require help from a certified patent translator. If you need a professional translation agency to assist you in the patent filing process, Language Buro will gladly help you obtain your patent rights!

The Importance of High-Quality Patent Translation (Impact of Errors)

Translating patents is a complex and challenging task. A poorly done translation can jeopardize or slow down your entire patent filing process.

Patents hold great power. They're not just like any other document. Translating patents requires a perfect command of both languages, subject matter expertise, and in-depth terminology knowledge. Highly skilled patent translators can provide an accurate and fast solution, ensuring success with patent protection.

Some businesses fail to have their patent documentation translated by professionals. Or they end up hiring the wrong translators. As a result, they end up with significant translation errors that can severely affect the patent filing process.

Errors in patent translation can lead to disastrous consequences such as:

  • Huge project delays
  • Increased expenses
  • Idea theft
  • Inaccurate patent information
  • Increased competition
  • Legal consequences
  • Ineligibility to receive patent protection and exclusive rights
  • Financial loss

The best way to avoid errors and receive high-quality results is to hire a professional patent translation agency.

Why You Need a Professional Patent Translator


If you want to ensure your patent documents are accurate and true to the original, you should hire a professional patent translation agency. This way, you'll minimize the risk of not obtaining IP protection, and your project will run more smoothly. Professional translation companies have proven experience in the field, making them skilled in overcoming any translation challenge.


After a patent is approved, there's not much time to translate it and file for rights in a foreign country. That's why you can't afford to waste any time and why you need a fast patent translation service.
Professional translation companies have established procedures and processes that allow them to provide results in the shortest amount of time. Working with experienced translators is fast and reliable, so you'll be confident your translation is in the right hands.

High Quality

If you want to ensure your patent translation is accurate and flawless, you should work with certified patent translators. Hiring a professional translation agency will save you a lot of time and stress. You won't need to worry about rookie mistakes or damaged ability to receive patented rights due to inadequate translation.

Increased Ability to Obtain Patent

As we mentioned already, it happens that inventions don't receive patent protection as a result of a faulty translation. That's why it's crucial to hire a professional patent translator who will ensure there are no errors, mistranslations, or delays.

Language Buró has a network of highly skilled translators working across the globe, who can translate patents to and from any language pair. We can deliver high-quality patent translations that will support you in your efforts to protect your intellectual property and obtain exclusive rights.

Reduce Costs

Even though you should aim to optimize your filing costs and reduce expenses as much as possible, hiring the wrong professional can do more harm than good. That's why it's essential to look closely at your future translation partner's expertise and experience.

If you want to reduce costs, request quotes from several translation agencies before making your decision. Compare their prices, but pay close attention to what they have to offer. Having a flawed patent translation edited and redone by another vendor can be disastrous for your budget. Make sure you hire a specialized translation agency with proven experience in patent translation.

Final Thoughts

Even though patent translation is one of the most demanding fields of translation, you won't have to worry about it with the right vendor!

Language Buró is a certified patent translation agency with proven and long experience in legal and patent translation. Our global teams of skilled translators will gladly assist you in your patent filing process. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote!