Scalability Matters: Don't Let Your Translation Vendor Get in the Way of Global Growth

The global market is often unpredictable. Many potential challenges could get in your way to global growth. From cultural differences to international policies, you never know what to expect.

One thing's for sure - as your business grows, the amount of workload will grow with it. That's why your translation vendor should be able to scale to your needs and keep up. Before you jump into any partnership, it might be best to take some time to make sure it's up for the job.

Here are some points to help you make sure they can keep up with your global growth in the long run.

Pool of translators

When it comes to global translation projects, not having a big enough translators network is a recipe for disaster. You can't afford to wait around for your translation partner to search for linguists in the middle of your global expansion. Not only that, they'd need to recruit new translators but also properly train, vet, and onboard them to ensure they can provide high-quality service.

To avoid these types of obstacles, don't just settle for any translation partner that comes your way. Find a company with a vast network of trained and qualified translators for your needs.
It would be best to partner with an experienced, professional translation agency with an established industry reputation. Such a company will scale to your growing needs and follow you on your global journey.

Staff capacity

Working with a small translation partner might sound ideal at one point, but for companies with international aspirations, this could cause significant issues. With internalization comes a larger volume of work. That's why you'll need a translation vendor that won't struggle with a more substantial workload but will instead be able to keep up even if you scale up your requirements.

When planning your global expansion, make sure you look for translation agencies with adequate staff. Needless to say, if there are not enough internal team members who could jump in to cater to your translation needs, it would significantly slow down your growth. In this case, thinking ahead is vital! Consider the amount of staff your potential partner has available before you jump the guns on any partnerships.

Languages supported

Going global can often be unpredictable; the number of languages required could grow along with you. For that reason, your ideal translation partner should be able to support all major languages, both common and rare language pairs.

With a small vendor, you'd risk going back and forth, delaying your global goals until they include the required languages to support your growth. All those setbacks could result in severe issues, mistakes, and budget cuts, which is what you'd want to avoid on your way up.
To ensure your translation project is in safe hands, it would be best to hire a professional translation company that already works with all languages. They have the expertise and experience with delivering high-quality translations for all language pairs, making it more cost-effective and less risky for you and your company.

Translation technology

Another thing you should have in mind when looking for a translation partner is technology. Let's face it; technology is here to stay. And the translation industry has greatly benefited from it. Translation memories, computer-assisted translation tools, and project management software enable fast, high-quality project delivery. They also aid massive translation projects, with multiple translators working on them, by ensuring every piece of content is translated accurately and consistently.

If you plan to expand abroad, make sure your translation partner is up to speed with the newest tools. Having the right equipment could significantly speed up your business growth.

Going global is an excellent opportunity for your company - to ensure you do it right, try to surround yourself with the right partners, amongst them your translation partner.
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