The Importance of Context: How to Retain Value in Marketing Translation

Thinking of expanding your business abroad, but you're still unsure how to communicate your brand's message to the local audience?

That's exactly what makes marketing translation unique. It's a combination of translation, writing, marketing, and localization. With a wide range of skills, marketing translators can retain value, adapt the content, and adjust it to the target market's cultural context.

Here's how we ensure the success of our client's campaigns at Language Buro.

We keep the brand voice

Every brand has a unique message that resonates with its target audience. Although marketing translation should be relevant to the local country, the brand voice should remain intact.

The customers abroad should be able to recognize your brand, regardless of their language. That's what our professional translators are specialized to do.

Our goal is to keep your brand image consistent without compromising the context. When translating marketing campaigns, there are many nuances to consider; in fact, the translation quality can make or break your global campaign.

In the era of social media, mistakes rarely go unnoticed, so a poorly done translation puts your brand at risk. That's why at Language Buró, rather than just simply translating the text, we ensure the marketing translation serves your brand and resonates with your local audience.

We work with all file formats and return them ready-to-use

When taking on a marketing translation project, we take into consideration various aspects. Your file format is one of them.

We understand the diversity of marketing translation. Your campaign could include relevant SEO keywords, social media hashtags, or backlinks, so we ensure our marketing translation retains value and context.

From audio and video subtitles to products for social media, we work with all file formats. Our design teams and software can perfectly adapt to any format and provide ready-to-print marketing translation services.

Our goal is to make the project seamless for you and save you the effort to go through extra steps. Instead, we'll provide you with ready-to-use marketing translation that you can use directly in your campaign.

We adapt the text to the target country

We're aware that marketing translation is a creative process. Our translators take the time to adapt the content and make it appealing to the target audience. We call this transcreation; this means that we consider the essence of your content, your target culture, and your campaign purpose while fully grasping the overall context.

Frequently, we need to add, remove, or replace terms to ensure the message appeals to the target audience. Some countries don't share the same values, so something funny in one culture might become offensive when translated. Our marketing transcreation services ensure your content serves its purpose in another country.

Our translators are native speakers with cultural insight

Marketing translation goes beyond merely translating the text. It requires cultural understanding, industry knowledge, and perfect command of both languages.

Our marketing translators understand the local culture, and they know how to communicate the message efficiently. Our teams of native-speaking translators are experienced in marketing translation for brands in their target countries. From brochures and campaigns to social media content, we ensure that you retain the value in your content.

Marketing translation is like no other; it requires experience, skills, and cultural insight. If you are looking for marketing translation services that will provide expertly culturally-adapted content that will make sense on a global scale, you've come to the right place. At Language Buró, we will work with you to ensure the success of your campaign. We're eager to help you expand globally! Please contact us for a free quote.