Translating reviews and user generated content for new markets

Are you planning to expand to new markets? Is user-generated content an essential part of your marketing campaign? If so, make sure you translate it to get a good starting point among your new customers.

Let’s face it; we rely on reviews and feedback when choosing a new service or product. Whether it’s a restaurant or an online product, who better tell us if it’s any good than our fellow consumers? With that said, it’s more than clear why user-generated content plays a significant role in brands’ marketing strategies. And why it’s crucial to get it expertly adapted for a new market. So without further ado, let’s see how you can get the most out of this valuable content for your company.

Why should you translate reviews and user-generated content?

When expanding to another market, the biggest obstacle most brands come across is anonymity. Getting someone to trust you is hard. That’s why user-generated content and reviews are a game-changer and why you should translate them to your target language.

Upon translation, they’ll serve as ample social proof and could greatly support your marketing efforts in the new market. Moreover, you can include reviews as client testimonials on your website, further improving your chances of sealing the deal with new customers.

Five tips for translating reviews and user-generated content for new markets

Keep the authenticity

Authenticity is an essential thing to have in mind when translating user-generated content. For potential customers to trust your reviews, the translation must remain authentic and true to the original. Don’t polish anything; keep the personal style and tone, even the imperfections. It shouldn’t sound like it was created by a professional writer, quite the opposite! The feedback should retain its personal touch and the uniqueness of the author’s voice.

Evoke the same emotional intent

Similarly to the author’s style, the translation should evoke the same emotions as the original review. Whether it’s passion, delight, or gratitude, the sentiment has to stay, no matter what! If you think about it, when a customer decides to leave feedback, that must mean they have strong feelings about the product in question. So, the review should reflect that same emotional intent.

Hire native-speaking translators

Who better than native speakers to know how to evoke the same emotion in their language? If you want to ensure your reviews stay faithful to the original but still resonate well with the target audience, hire native translators for your translation project.

At Language Buró, we only work with native-speaking translators who reside in the target country, allowing them to recreate the same emotional intent when translating user-generated content.

Create a global strategy

Every market is unique and requires a different type of strategy. What performs well in Germany might flop in Spain. That’s why you should develop a global plan for translating your user-generated content and reviews. Putting in place specific guidelines will help you identify what type of content to translate based on the target country’s culture, habits, and beliefs. Take any help you can get from native speakers and locals to ensure your content is effective in every market.

Find someone with experience in translating user-generated content and reviews

To ensure your content is culturally and expertly adapted, it’s vital to work with experts. For that reason, you need to hire experienced translators, specialized in UGC and marketing translations. This field of translation challenges will be best handled by someone with specific experience in translating marketing materials for the global market. Don’t risk your reputation; instead, prioritize quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

How to get the most out of your UGC with Language Buró

When you’re brand new in a foreign market, a good reputation is essential!

Translating reviews and user-generated content is the fastest way to establish credibility, build trust, and attract customers. At Language Buró, we have in-depth experience translating marketing materials and website content for top global organizations. Our experienced team of translators will work with you to ensure the success of your global campaign. We’re eager to help you get the most out of your user-generated content! Reach out to us today to receive a free quote.