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Legal translation services with guaranteed quality

Legal translation requires a technical, detail-oriented approach. At Language Buró, we make sure that the team working on legal translations has the knowledge and expertise to deliver only the highest quality of services. If you are looking for a legal translation company that will deliver documents from a variety of legal specialties while respecting legal terminology, then you have found the ideal partner.

Continue reading about our legal translation services and discover why top legal firms like GLP, J.M. Toro and Brantsandpatents choose us as their trusted partner for their legal translation needs.

Legal document translation services

There are many different types of documents that require legal translation. While some types of legal document translation only need to provide an overview of the source document for understanding purposes or for personal use, others must be particularly precise and respect all legal formats and nuances of the source document.

As such, Language Buró provides a range of legal translation services for any type of need, be it machine translation plus human post-editing, if you need to translate hundreds or even thousands of pages in a limited timeframe, to our classic premium legal translation service that includes translation and proofreading with two mother-tongue professional legal translators.

We offer our services in the following subject areas:

  • International law
  • Insurance law
  • Contract law
  • Tax law
  • Property law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial Law

Legal translation services in various language pairs

We handpick our teams of legal language translators depending on each language pair that you need. For example, if you need legal translation English to Spanish or vice versa, we will make sure that the legal translators working on your project are native speakers with proven experience in your industry.

In addition, legal Spanish translators may need country context-specific knowledge in order to perform your legal translation. This includes any formatting, document layout, particular terminology, or legal specifics that are relevant to that language or the country for which your legal document translation will be used. This way, you can be sure that you documents can be used for their intended purpose, be it litigation, contracts, agreements, arbitration, etc.

Private and secure certified legal translation

When required, we can also provide certified legal translations. We have certified legal translators available for a variety of language pairs, when your project requires these type of services. We also understand that legal translation entails a high level of discretion and privacy. That’s why both our teams and our company as a whole treat each document with the highest degree of care, ensuring privacy and security of your legal documents.

No matter the type, length and extent of the project, we offer legal translation services on time, on budget and with the highest quality for any language pair that you need. For a list of languages and document types that we currently support, please kindly refer to the sidebar of this page.

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