Translation price estimation

How much does a translation cost?

Translation prices vary depending on several variables, including:

  • Language combination: Rare language pairs are more expensive than common language pairs.
  • Complexity of the document to translate: Technical translation that requires specialized terminology is more expensive than general translation.
  • Number of words to be translated: If the document is large, we apply a discount.

All of these factors affect the translation rate of an order.

Translation prices per word

Language Buró offers translation services at a rate of €0.07/word to €0.16/word. We are happy to apply a discount for orders of more than 50,000 words. We can also offer competitive rates for long-term contracts, for example, if you plan to centralize your translation demand with us.

Additional translation services

In addition to pure translation, we also offer these services:

  • Professional typesetting and desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Glossary and style guide creation
  • Editing, certification, file engineering

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