How Long Is Going to Take to Get My Translation Done?

Are you wondering how long it will take for your translation to be ready? In general, every professional translation provider will give you a precise delivery time once you request a quote from them and submit your document for an initial estimate. But if you want to get the gist of what to expect, here’s our little guide to help you out!

One of the most asked questions that every translation provider encounters: How long will it take to get my translation done? Here’s everything you should know about the translation turnaround time.

How fast is the average translation turnaround time?

In general, a professional translator can accurately translate 2,000 words per day. That’s the general rule of thumb for standard translation. Nonetheless, speed varies depending on the complexity of the document. If it’s technical or scientific, the translator can roughly translate 1,500 words in a day. On the other hand, if the text is relatively simple, it’s possible to translate 2,500 words or more per day.

Document size Duration for simple documents Duration for technical documents
up to 1,000 words 1 day 1 day
1,000 - 3,000 2 - 3 days 2 - 3 days
3,000 - 5,000 3 - 4 days 3 - 5 days
5,000 - 10,000 4 - 6 days 4 - 7 days

What are the key factors that determine translation speed?

Certain factors affect translation project turnaround speed. For professional translation agencies with proven experience in providing translation services, there are typically seven factors to consider when estimating turnaround time:

  • Language pair: The first factor is the language pair. Some languages are more challenging than others, and it’s not the same thing translating between languages of the same origin as translating from, say, Chinese to Spanish.
    The number of translators: Larger projects are usually split between multiple translators to speed the process. This can reduce turnaround times significantly.
  • Document size: Another significant factor to consider is the document length. Some translation companies can’t quickly translate 100,000 words long content, so you should have this in mind when choosing your new translation vendor.
  • Content complexity: The project speed can vary depending on your industry. It would be best to hire a professional translation agency with various services and experience across sectors.
  • Review time: Once the content is translated, expert translators take the time to also review their work for the best possible results. The review time should also be taken into account when estimating turnaround times.
  • Translation technology: The translation industry has significantly developed over the past decade, ensuring even faster delivery than before. Translation memory software helps speed things up by storing already translated content and providing it on demand.
  • File format: Converting from format to format takes time, so it should be taken into consideration as well. Look for translation partners that work with all file formats to ensure smooth sailing on your project.

How can you get a fast, reliable, and accurate translation with Language Buró?

The translation is a complex process that needs time and expertise. With the right translation vendor, you can expect speed, quality, and accuracy!

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