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Website translation services designed to help you engage with your international customers

With a continuously globalizing market, website translation is becoming an essential step in business growth. However, it can be a challenging task. There are many nuances to consider when translating, but more importantly, adapting content to a new language. Since this is one of your essential marketing tools, you need a website translation company that will take time and care to maintain your brand and quality standards. At Language Buró we provide just that. Our website translation services go beyond just translating. Instead, we provide localization, content optimization and ensure a seamless user experience transition from one language to the other.

Website translation as a powerful marketing tool

More than half of the world’s Internet users are not English speakers. This means that translating your website can mean serious growth for your business. Language Buró is an experienced website translation agency, and we can help you reach this untapped pool of clients. By translating your website, you will be able to receive new traffic from searches performed in other languages. However, it is essential that the translated content does its job. That’s why we strongly focus on ensuring that no value is lost during website translation. For example, if your content is SEO optimized, our experienced team of website translators will make sure that all this value is transferred into the new language.

Website localization and content adaptation

Translating a website to a different language means making it ready for its users. This is called localization. It encompasses everything, from cultural adaptation of the texts to formatting and editing a page layout. For example, word length or even writing direction can change when content is translated. At the same time, meanings can be lost in a metaphor or a joke. Even colours, symbols, and photography can signal different things in different markets. Our team of website translators at Language Buró will provide you with localization services and content adaptation for any type of website.

We select our website translators for your site according to your industry, be it retail, medical, legal, or any range of other subjects. In addition, translators live in your target country. This way, they have a unique sensitivity to the local cultural context and can perfectly adapt the parts of your website that require genuine localization. If necessary, we can also localize the multimedia content on your website (images, graphics, downloadable pdfs, etc.) during the translation process.

Website translation services with seamless integration

We want to provide you with seamless integration when you order website translation services. That’s why we work with a variety of different formats, depending on your specific needs. Our team of website translators and technical experts can work directly in your HTML, PHP or XML files. Alternatively, we can also integrate the translated content into the CMS of your choice, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Magento. Essentially, we will make sure that the user experience on the translated site, matches the one provided by the original content.

Additionally, we create a translation memory for each project. Translation memories let us reuse already translated text. This way, if you update your content, you will only need to pay for the new words that you need to translate, not the already translated ones.

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